Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So the Story Goes

Mr. Ritewell, near finished with his first book,
an epic/drama/romance only semi-fictional,
lifts his hands from his keyboard in shock,
watching words appearing
on the electronic page. June Whitaker,
the protagonist’s sweet
but (naturally) tragic fiance,
introduced at the end of chapter XI (of XII), seems
to be sandwiching between fine lines
a lot of sweet but superfluous additions
out of joint with the thrust of the plot.
She won’t stop. Panicked, Ritewell closes the page
only to find she’s somehow worked her way back
into chapters VII through X, their files flashing
and flickering as she adds herself
randomly to various scenes:
Joshua (the hero) curing diseases;
Joshua talking to the president;
Joshua sleeping.
And then the summery sweet-smelling June—
In her revisions she leaves the protagonist
unchanged, but inserts so many comments
and meticulous characterizations of her mind
and body that a reader could hardly see his
story’s unadulterated awe.
So Mr. Ritewell seizes his mouse
and starts wild clicking.