Sunday, February 20, 2011

First John Five Eighteen

A wise man, Solomon, said
God, the living God, God
of the living. And Solomon said
When they sin (he said There is no one
who does not
); he said

hands holding the walls, the walls
of the very temple of I AM. His hands. And
Wisdom –
who’d seen the fingers and wings
of Him above a sea of stars stirring,
delightfull, drawing dead waters
and the earth up, raised from
nothing – knew men
sinned, saw men, sinfull,
saw sinners

old. And said:
Wait strong! More riches
come. Let law-lovers
draw new treasures
out with the old

[The hand struck]

The hand struck; time
stopped to let clouds blot
the face of our celestial clock:
a curtain torn, a new thing
hiding in the dark, but Wisdom was
full of song and

clapping her hands (as the Lamb
hung a heavy head): It's coming! It’s
above a rough mix of mockery
and wails. And said: (amen)
and was right: (yes amen) But

it was three days before we lifted
our heads, before we saw freedom
in a Son fully risen, freedom flowing
from palms like rivers
of song from open mouths, freedom
from When
when we lift up our heads.