Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Amazing, a love
that searches out man’s heart, the places
to which even he has long shut his weary eyes.
A love that runs its fingers
gently over every crevice, hill and crack.
And when it catches on the jagged edges
of time-sharpened crag-canyons of hatred and self-
centered unconscious old faces of cruel
disgust, it tears not.

Amazing, a love
whose tongue runs over our bitterest places
and swallows us anyway, whole. Whose eye
searches out the tender and unearthed beating
core of us, and drills himself in, unflinchingly.
Who digs us each up with bare hands.

You bought up our acres of broken land
just to touch our dry souls with your fingers.
Amazing, this love,
a fount everlasting.